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ImiSight for Damage Assessment

Introducing our groundbreaking AI based algorithms service, specifically designed for extracting insights for damage assessments. Our advanced technology enables us to detect and analyze various types of damaged infrastructure, such as buildings, houses, bridges, debris, and more.


With our automatic detection capabilities, organizations can make swift and well-informed decisions, facilitating crisis management and aiding field teams in their response efforts.

Whether it's a natural disaster like a flood, earthquake, wildfire, hurricane, or other emergencies, our service supports efficient recovery operations.


Experience the power of our technology as it revolutionizes damage assessments, providing essential assistance for decision-making and expediting post-disaster recovery. Unleash the potential of our AI based algorithms service and redefine your approach to damage assessment today.

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Change Detection

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3D Modeling




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Field Operational Cycle

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Multi Sensor Change Detection

Product Description

ImiSight is an innovative cloud-based system that leverages cutting-edge technologies and advanced algorithms to deliver actionable insights in the field. It effectively caters to the entire mission cycle, offering a range of capabilities such as periodic mission planning, multi-source collection, comprehensive analysis as a service, tailored product creation, and real-time distribution.

Customers have the flexibility to define extensive analysis missions based on intelligence queries, as well as geographical and operational parameters. ImiSight seamlessly integrates these inputs to provide accurate and relevant results, empowering customers to make informed decisions.

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